Where it all went a bit awry …

I’d always hated gin – too many bad memories of earlythirties episodes – feeling sad enough to just run a warm bath and forget the world – but then , there it was – a beautiful bottle labelled “The Botanist”  brought as a housewarming gift to our rustic little renovator in SW France – and that was that!  Decades of  “non white spirits only” evaporated!  My Chardonnay era – having led seamlessly to my Sauvignon blanc with a touch of good red era,  which ultimately led to the fairly exclusive champagne with a touch of decent Riesling era – had brought me to this – my gin era –  touch of tonic,  ice and something citrusy , no more doldrums – and, of course , slugged into a good old fashioned jam jar!!

Are there some stories here?? I reckon!!  Welcome!!


11 thoughts on “Where it all went a bit awry …

  1. This is so weird – have just started drinking gin again! Need to try it in a jam jar though :). When we were in Portugal recently we ate at a restaurant called Moules & Gin. It was fabulous!


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