It’s lilac time …


April never ceases to astound me – not just how it looks and smells, but how it feels – new, risky, possible, brimming…

I got married in April.  I feel my happiest in April.  My biggest life journeys all seem to have started in April – perhaps that’s because the airfares entered the justoutofmyreach shoulder season in May and I was always scarpering for a bargain!!  April is Autumn in Australia and Spring in Europe – and I’ve always felt most at home in  the notquitesure of those seasons.

One year ago, we had just landed in France for our long, long holiday – the stuff of dreams, they all reckoned – and so did I – it was April!  Tiny shoots were pushing through, unfolding before our eyes in a great mess of a yard that had been untended for decades, left purely and simply to the whim of the season, the fancy of Mother Nature – and the magic of April – and I wandered and watched as they revived, breathed a little and emerged.   Today, a year later, this photo dropped into my inbox – of course!  it’s lilac time! … and the same wonder is being shared by others who have come to the house to rest, to plan and to breathe in her fallingdownaroundyou majesty!  

It is the cycle of things – the predictability of things left to their own devices, the simplicity of things following an ages-old pattern laid down, the heady pattern that thinking about causes my head to ache!  And we now step in and out of the cycle – working and planning at home, ‘finishing up” in many ways, tying off some ends – and heading to the other side – in June, in September and for Christmas – to revive and breathe and unfold in the new beginning!








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