… And then she was gone …

Striding  and confident towards the departure  gate – back to the books, back to the city, back to the joy of new friends, old friends, unfriends, back to negotiate that unexpected fork in the academic road … totally, completely, utterly  unaware of the joy that she brought with her on this quicker than quick  overnight journey …. just 24 hours to lift the spirits  of us … far  away and doing it just a little bit tougher every day in the smog and squal of chemo land!   knowing, smiling, sharing, leveling … only Rosie can get it , measure it and fix it  … 24 hours … Sydney/Darwin/Sydney … pots of coffee,  piles of curry, ice cream with mix-ins, selfies and filters, whose got my charger, I need a hair tie,  which towel is mine,  shut down your apps, Mum …..  and two long tall bodies over the edge of tiny single beds in tiny bedroom two … sleeping silent while the grown ups toss and pace … together  though ..  and knowing that however hurdlesome, it is us!

I sit until I hear the call to board … And know that she is going … And that our spirits are lifted simply because she was here …

to the moon and back …



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