waving a bloody big hankie!

Ok! Ok!  Its just a border!!!  It’ll close tomorrow, and I’ve snuck in, back to home, back to work, back to my husband … leaving my children “on the other side” – they are apprehensive, and their worlds are changing quickly – all our worlds are changing quickly – and I am content to know that their call has been the best one …. so why do I keep thinking about Berlin??

She and He are 23 and 20 – not children at all, except that they are our children.  They are both strong and independent – in different ways, yes, but the same too.  She will work her last shift in a Surrey Hills pub tonight,  he will knuckle down to on line learning today – she in a share house with a sunny balcony overlooking Maroubra Beach (closed!) and he in a University residential college,  both surrounded (at a distance) by good mates within environments that will keep the rules at all costs – new cleaning regimes, new distancing provisions,  new kinds of camaraderie.

They haven’t lived here with us for years.  Still, there’s an echo here today that is an emptiness built on uncertainty.   For families world wide, this is a new reality.   I wonder how we’ll go.

Unlike that dreadful night in Berlin in August 1961, we did have some notice.  We knew that “walls” would have to be built eventually – not to punish or subdue,   but to protect.

Bigs girls pants are one thing – and I have plenty, and I know what to do with them!!!

This big white hanky, though, is a new thing!  Hope you can see it, my darlings!!!




3 thoughts on “waving a bloody big hankie!

  1. Thank goodness for our technical communications advantage. Considering our seniority and medical vulnerability we are in a pretty good place. Our kids will be feeling some peace in that. That crochet piece will be finished before you know it. ❤️💪


  2. I could read/listen to your poetry for hours. We are lucky, we have one of our babies with us, our other precious gem is with you. Lucky we have raised strong, resilient young adults who will take care of themselves and others with a smile and sense of humor to get them through. Miss you Wendy xx


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