Town, Lagoon

The earth off the path is straightaway soft.  Behind, the town. Entirely familiar, bitumen, brick and built for purpose.    Ahead, the lagoon.  Unknown, an ancient waterhole with towering paperbarks as silent, alert sentinels.  It flows bone and ligament with the sea.  A watercourse protected, like a dead king’s tomb, guarded by sea one way and … More Town, Lagoon


… at the stroke of midnight … a bit from a speech … Year 12 Formal 2019

From the very beginning, man has tried to take hold of time – to manipulate it, to control it, to get the better of it … seeking always to beat it, own it, master it. We never have.  We never will.   A little while rabbit heads down a rabbit hole –  “I’m late! I’m late! For … More … at the stroke of midnight … a bit from a speech … Year 12 Formal 2019

tied up with string – a life in letters

Here is time stood still.  Sorted, labelled, numbered and dated, bundled in an order determined by distance and purpose – letters between my mother, Jacqueline and my father, Patrick.  They span just a little more than a decade – from 1955 until 1966.  Yes, they chronicle a love that has endured until today – the beginnings … More tied up with string – a life in letters

Linger a moment

It’s the night before the night before – it’s raucous outside – boys and beer, boys and snooker , boys and banter, boys and red cups filled right up with loaded coke, boys with bags of chips …  “no, ta, we don’t need a bowl – the bag’s fine” boys  … loud banter getting louder … More Linger a moment

time and space …

whodathought …   Truth is, I’ve led a pretty sedentary life.  Physical work makes me nauseous and creates higher than desirable levels of anxiety  – so I avoid it – always have! I teach, I read, I cook, eat, parent and socialise from a pretty static physical base. So, why, on the eve of my … More time and space …