Because its remarkable ….

A beautiful book glanced my way last weekend at the gallery,  sidled up to me quietly,  all gilt-edge and bookmarker ribbon, whispered something quite beautiful in red and gold, then hijacked me with glossy white paper and such high-fallootin’ class that I fell in love – completely and absolutely …

Now, I’m a sucker for a book – and completely defenceless in the thrall of a remarkable one – and this is a remarkable one!

Its called Maypal, and is subtitled like a Mastermind specialist subject – “A Yolngu Bilingual Identification Guide to Shellfish of North East Arnhem Land”.  I’ve eaten some and collected a few beauties on the beach over the years – so I’m no expert.  But this little beauty won my heart.

MAYPAL is a pocket sized , meticulously curated museum installation.

It is complete – it begins as a story must, with an introduction  – to a unique land and people – place, purpose, longevity, language, seasons, the tide and the winds – and ends with an acknowledgement – of the marvellous team who magicced this wonder up!

In between, it is glossary, catalogue, dictionary, list, lexicon, encyclopaedia, gallery.

As simple as it is complex.

As beautiful as it is informative.

As all-over-the-world as it is just here.

As expansive as it is precise.

Books for me are physical things – their wonder lies in the beauty of the component parts bound to make a whole – colour, texture, contrast and blend, layout, font, white space and sturdiness – all as important to the reader as the knowledge that sits within …

They are for holding, for caressing, for admiring up close  – and this one is quite majestic.

Thank you Patrick Walker for the photographs.




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