Linger a moment

It’s the night before the night before – it’s raucous outside – boys and beer, boys and snooker , boys and banter, boys and red cups filled right up with loaded coke, boys with bags of chips …  “no, ta, we don’t need a bowl – the bag’s fine” boys  … loud banter getting louder – the dogs bark and snap from time to time – the fridge door opens and shuts, the ice is scarce and I am asking if they need any real food – my son’s  world plays out outside and I am called to reflect …. how did this happen?  Where went the years???  How did he learn to gather these friends ?  How did he learn to know already that he will hurt the day after tomorrow when he leaves them?? – and to take a minute to tell me that at the sink when he sneaks inside for a moment in the cool …
Outside at my place tonight are boys who make pizza, boys who study immunology and psychology and medicine and scenography, boys who dive without a care into the green blue depths of a waterhole,  dr boys who run in retail, work hard, dream big and speak a language that I don’t know and at a volume that I can’t fathom.
And I say … they’re noisy … it’s Tuesday … it’s late.  What I mean is … it’s marvellous!! … we’ll miss you … and the quiet of the day after the day after tomorrow is already deafening….

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